Vaiyagam Finance Limited, is a Public limited Finance company and it was established in 27th September 2019.The company is Registered under the Companies Act 2013, functioning under the rule 18 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014] – Government of India Regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) having its Corporate Identification Number U65929TZ2019PLC032772 and also its a regulated entity governed by Reserve Bank of India with Certificate of Registration Number N-07-00867. Vaiyagam Finance Limited started by a group of professionals from diverse areas in financial industry.

Vaiyagam Finance Limited originated from deep understanding of customer requirements from decades of professional experience of the promoters and an urge to provide innovative and modern products to meet those customer requirements with unparalleled service standards in the industry. With this aim in mind, we have ensured that even the first-time customers of Vaiyagam Finance Limited shall find the transactions to be secured and easy, while availing the best rates in the industry.

Vaiyagam Finance Limited is an enterprising organization that is steadfast in its pursuit of accelerated business development. The company’s primary operational strategy is centered around the mobilization of Equity and Shareholders deposits. These amassed deposits will be strategically allocated and harnessed to generate interest. The resulting interest will be systematically reinvested into the business, thereby fostering its expansion and solidifying the institution’s foundation.

About Our Team

The promoters of Vaiyagam Finance Limited are fortified by an energetic cadre of young professionals within the organization, as well as a formidable consortium of shareholders. These shareholders represent a wide spectrum of business and professional domains, thereby enhancing the company’s resilience and adaptability.