Investor Features from VAIYAGAM

  • Become a shareholder and grow along with us.
  • Proven Track Record and Customer Excellence.
  • Multiple options and a variety of choice.
  • Interesting schemes that promote & strengthen wealth building.
  • Instantaneous operations and convenience of online portal that enable you to do all transactions and changes through our single portal.

Five Reasons Investing in VAIYAGAM

  • Become a shareholder through equity, shares, NCD and earn higher returns on your investments through interest and dividends.
  • Opportunity to take part mutually in growth journey.
  • Pioneering in rural and urban development.
  • Flexible tenures and schemes along with flexible interest payout options for shareholders.
  • Ensure Financial stability and improve advancement.

Financial Statements

  1. FYR 2022 - 2023
  2. FYR 2021 - 2022
  3. FYR 2020 - 2021