Our Home Loan offerings are tailor-made for purchasing a home or constructing one. We also offer to transfer your home loan balance. Tata Capital home loans extend from Rs. 5 lakhs up to Rs. 25 lakhs and start at an affordable interest rate of just 12-14%*. You can choose the home loan amount, tenure, and the EMI period as per your convenience. And what’s more is that our home loan processing involves minimum documentation and is easy and seamless. Moreover, our years of experience in the industry make us the reliable home loan provider you have been looking for!


What is a Home Loan?

A home loan, also known as a housing loan is simply the sum of money borrowed from a lender to purchase a home or to construct one. Home loans can also be taken for extension of existing homes. Home loans are available in both fixed and adjustable interest rates, and payment terms. There are several types of home loans available:


There are several types of home loans available:

  • For purchase of residential property
  • For construction of a residential property
  • For purchase of land
  • For home expansion
  • For balance transfer

How Does a Home Loan Work?

  • Loan Amount

    Loan amount is the principal amount of money that you are eligible to borrow for your home. The home loan amount that you can borrow will largely depend on your home loan eligibility calculated on the basis of several factors – CIBIL score, employment type, income, among others. To determine your home loan eligibility, all we will need is your documentation proofs.

  • Loan Disbursal

    A home loan amount is said to be disbursed when the amount is transferred to your bank account after checking your eligibility and documentation proof.

  • EMI Repayments

    A month following the day on which you received full loan disbursement, your Equal Monthly Installment will start. To repay your home loan amount, you need to shell out equal, fixed amounts on a monthly basis to repay your home loan.

  • EMI Repayments

    A loan is closed when you pay your EMIs up until your loan tenure, paying off the principal amount and the interest. Generally, home loans are to be paid off within the tenure or term for which they were taken but foreclosure or prepayment of home loans can be made. In case of floating interest rates, no charges will be applicable for prepayment but in case of fixed interest rates, charges may apply.

    If you do not prepay your loan, you will have to faithfully pay your EMIs up until your loan tenure is over following which a loan closure will take place. Meaning, your books of home loan will be closed.

Documents Required for all Home Loan Applicants

The following are the accepted documents for a home loan application. An applicant needs to produce only one/two from each of the following category -

  • Age Proof - Valid Passport, Driving License, Life Insurance Policy, Birth Certificate, PAN Card, School Leaving Certificate.
  • Photo Identity Proof - Valid Passport, Driving License, Life Insurance Policy, Birth Certificate, PAN Card, School Leaving Certificate.
  • Address Proof - Utility Bills, Bank Statements, Property Registration Documents, Property Tax Receipt, Voter ID Card.
  • Business Proof - Registration Certificate for Commencement of Business, your Business Profile on letter head, copy of the last two years’ Income Tax Returns.
  • Income Proof - Last six months’ operative current account statement, copy of the last three years’ P/L Projection Statement, Bank Statements for the last six months of CC, OD facilities (if taken).
  • Existing Loan Details - To be provided via bank statements.
  • Processing Fee Cheque - To be issued from your business account.

4 reasons why you deserve a Home Loan

  1. Home is a good investment for your future

    Home buying is not just fulfilling your immediate need, but it is also a good investment as the property value increases over the years. Whether it is a plot, home or apartment you want to invest in, it will provide better returns over the course of time. This is one investment that will continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life.

  2. Fix anything that’s broken

    Over the years, even the best of homes end up suffering through a little wear and tear. Show your home a little love and fix all the little leaks and creaks through Home Loan.

  3. Upgrade to make it Eco friendly

    A lot of home owners now upgrade their homes in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. With just a few upgrades, you will be setting a great example for your children and neighbours.

  4. Because you deserve a place to express yourself

    Your home is where you and your loved ones find a sanctuary away from the hustle of the outside world. Why would you want to compromise on that? Turn your children’s room into a fantasy playground or get yourself more space by adding a room.